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Jan 28

Android Contact Picker 2.2.0 now available on Maven Central

Posted on Monday, January 28, 2013 in Coding

The Android Contact picker library is a simple Android library which allows you in one API call to:

  1. Display list of contacts
  2. User selects a contact
  3. Display contact details
  4. User selects a phone number
  5. Perform an action with the number

Actually the library has been out for quite a while now, so you may already know/use it. However, since I first wrote the library, I have discovered the maven build tool (which is very awesome, if you configure it right).

Well Android Contact Picker is now available from the Maven Central repository and you can use it simply in your project by including the dependency in your pom file


Last I checked, if you use Eclipse, then you will need to download the project and import it into your workspace in order for Eclipse to be able to resolve the references.

However, if you use IntelliJ (which I now use for the library) then when you include the dependency in your pom file, it will download the project, import it, build and resolve all references related to the project. You can then be on your merry way building that awesome app of yours. Yeah I know, IntelliJ is cool in that regard.

This version is principally the same as the 2.1 version. So if that works for you, you can stick with it. Well, there is one small difference, custom phone number labels are now properly displayed instead of just the text “Custom”.

Oct 9

Enabling Maven builds in GnuCash for Android

Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 in Coding

Up until now, in order to build and test GnuCash for Android, it was necessary to download eclipse, install the Android Development Tools (ADT) and also download the Android SDK. Then check out the project from git, import it (and its dependencies) into eclipse and then run as Android application to the emulator or connected Android device.

maven_logoIn a quest to simplify the build process, the GnuCash for Android project now supports Apache Maven build tool (currently in the develop branch). To be clear, nothing changes for the eclipse workflow. If you have checked out the project already and have it working in eclipse, then you don’t need to do anything. You can just continue doing git pulls and everything would work as it should.

For those who prefer to use maven (or prefer not to have to download eclipse), these are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Download and install Apache Maven(just unzip and add it to your PATH)
  2. Download the Android SDKand set the environment variable ANDROID_HOME to point to its location. Also add it to your path.
  3. Check out the Gnucash for Android project
  4. Go into the sub folder ‘GnucashMobile’ and run mvn install android:deploy in order to install the app to your device.

If you want to build the whole project and run the tests, then create an Android virtual device named ‘Nexus’ in your SDK. Then run mvn clean install from the top folder of the source directory.

These changes should hopefully make it easier to build and test GnuCash for Android at various stages of development.


P.S. I am still looking for help with translations. So far we have Norwegian, German, Greek, Italian and Russian translations covered. If your language is not translated yet, then download and translate the strings.xml resource file and send to me. Remember not to translate key_xx and app_xx resources. Thanks!