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Nov 1

Gnucash for Android available from Google Play

Posted on Thursday, November 1, 2012 in Coding, User

It is finally here. Gnucash for Android is now available on Google Play. Android devices from Froyo (2.2) and above are supported. Grab your copy from the Play Store:

Gnucash for Android

This should make it easier for all those who had issues downloading the beta versions of app to try it out. It is signed with the same signature as the betas, so you should be able to upgrade from the release candidate without losing data.

Update 02.11.2012: There have been reports of some users losing data during upgrades from RC. I did not expect this. But just in case, please back up your data before attempting to upgrade. (I remember there was a disclaimer somewhere for the betas.)

Note: For those who are new here, it is important to note here again that the GnuCash for Android does not support reading your Gnucash for the desktop files. This is a companion app which allows you to track and export your expenses to OFX format which can be imported into GnuCash on the desktop.

This is another step on the journey that is GnuCash for Android, and I look forward to the rest of it.

So what are you waiting for? Try it out and if you like it, tell your friends. If you have issues, tell me 🙂

Screenshots of GnucashMobile