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Calling Proxy allows you to easily automate input into phone systems.
If you have a prefix which you have to dial before inputing your number,
you can set it up as a proxy and make the call with one click.
Calling Proxy takes care of first dialing the prefix (going through the proxy) and then later inputing the number which you want to call! This saves time especially for automated phone systems where you already know the phone menu code sequence.

To get started with Calling Proxy, go to the Proxies tab and set up a proxy.
The proxies tab shows a list of previously saved prefixes and allows you to manage call prefixes which you use often.

For example, in order to hide your phone number when making a call in the US, you need to dial *67 and then the number you wish to call.

Using CallingProxy, you can create a new proxy with with to make anonymous calls. That can be accomplished as follows.

  • Go to the Proxies tab and create a new proxy with a name Block Caller ID and the number as *067
Add New Proxy
  • Save the proxy and if you have other proxies, make sure to select Block Caller ID.
Proxy List
  • Now make your calls as usual using calling proxy and your caller ID will be hidden. It will always be indicated in the dialer which proxy you are currently using.
Dialer with proxy name

Calling Proxy will take care of dialing the prefix and your caller ID will not be displayed to the recipient.

Conversely, if you have blocked caller ID in your phone settings, you could activate it on a call-by-call basis by using the proxy *82 (US only). Follow the same steps as above to add a new proxy.

CallingProxy is not limited only to hiding and showing caller ID, but can be used for any kinds of prefixes which are to be dialed before a number. These include even complex prefix including pauses (Android uses commas for pauses). You can enter multiple commas to increase the duration of the pause.

Try it out and if you like it, tell your friends.
If you do not like it, tell me! 😉

Contact: [email protected]

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