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Importing GnuCash XML in GnuCash Android

Posted on Monday, June 22, 2015 in Coding

GnuCash Android has for some time (since version 1.4.0) supported importing accounts from GnuCash desktop. However, the first iteration of this feature was not very easy to use. It was necessary to first export the accounts from GnuCash desktop as non-compressed XML and then feed that output file into GnuCash Android.

With recent updates, it is longer necessary to export accounts before importing into the Android app. Your GnuCash XML file from the desktop app can be directly imported by the GnuCash Android app without any modifications.  Also you do not need to worry about whether or not your XML file is compressed or not, both are supported. All you need to do is to make sure you save your GnuCash files as XML (and not SQLite database format).

GnuCash Android version 1.6.0 also supports backing up your transactions to GnuCash XML format, as well as limited support for parsing template transactions and scheduled transactions. This, combined with the scheduled exports feature, makes it possible to regularly backup your accounts and transactions as GnuCash XML and view these backups in the GnuCash desktop app.

We hope this simplification around file import improves the utility of the GnuCash Android app vis-√°-vis GnuCash desktop. As always, feedback is always welcome.

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  1. […] 22/06/2015: GnuCash Android now supports directly¬†importing accounts and transactions from GnuCash XML files. No need to export account structure […]

  2. Defnull says:

    Is it possible to import accounts with current balances and not just the account structure? As far as I understand it’s impossible to import any transactions in there. So in order to have proper initial picture on the android device I should manually add initial transactions.

    p/s I have already read “GnuCash Android Account Import Guide” =(

  3. Kishan says:

    Notes are not exported by the Android app. Waiting for this feature, it will make the app final for me (using Financisto in the meanwhile in mobile and manually entering into desktop GnuCash). The order of transactions are also not maintained while exporting or importing. This would be an added plus. Also would like to see one more option of showing the leaf names only, while entering transactions in the To Field.

  4. SHUAIB says:

    importing file to android getting error
    i save my file in drop box and try to import to my android , its say error
    An error occured while importing the gunucash accounts
    /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/ android/July 2 17.gunucash:open failed :EACCES(permission denied)

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