4 responses to “Attack the Code, Not the Developer!”

  1. eric-yorba

    Even if complaints can be rude, they’re better than none at all! Most users don’t take the time to complain when they run into an issue — and that’s far worse than a cranky user.

  2. Avi Hayun

    Hi Ngewi,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    I had a lot of fun working with you, and let me add another basic point – anyone who open-sources a library or any piece of code, devotes his time and efforts for the community – to criticize that developer is just plain rude.

    I like the distinction of attacking the code and not the developer and I realize that i could have written that email more nicely :-)

    Anyway, keep up your open source work and I hope we will meet again in a source collaboration.


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