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Android Contact Picker 2.2.0 now available on Maven Central

Posted on Monday, January 28, 2013 in Coding

The Android Contact picker library is a simple Android library which allows you in one API call to:

  1. Display list of contacts
  2. User selects a contact
  3. Display contact details
  4. User selects a phone number
  5. Perform an action with the number

Actually the library has been out for quite a while now, so you may already know/use it. However, since I first wrote the library, I have discovered the maven build tool (which is very awesome, if you configure it right).

Well Android Contact Picker is now available from the Maven Central repository and you can use it simply in your project by including the dependency in your pom file


Last I checked, if you use Eclipse, then you will need to download the project and import it into your workspace in order for Eclipse to be able to resolve the references.

However, if you use IntelliJ (which I now use for the library) then when you include the dependency in your pom file, it will download the project, import it, build and resolve all references related to the project. You can then be on your merry way building that awesome app of yours. Yeah I know, IntelliJ is cool in that regard.

This version is principally the same as the 2.1 version. So if that works for you, you can stick with it. Well, there is one small difference, custom phone number labels are now properly displayed instead of just the text “Custom”.

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  1. Christian says:

    Eclipse will do the same as IntelliJ if you install the official Maven plugin from the Eclipse Marketplace.

    • Ngewi Fet says:

      Last I checked, Eclipse does not do that for Android library projects (apklibs). These have to be downloaded (source code), imported into the project workspace and compiled into your project (merging of resources). I don’t think the Eclipse Android maven plugin has support for that yet.

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