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Announcing Gnucash for Android beta1

Posted on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 in Coding, User

Just like with the previous alpha release, the first beta release of Gnucash for Android is now available.

It contains many bug fixes since the last alpha and introduces a new dark ActionBar theme.
This is also the first test release under the new Apache 2 license.
You need to uninstall any previous alpha releases before installing this version.You can grab it here:
Or here is a QR code for download:
Note that this is still a test version, Not suitable for production use. The usual disclaimers apply.
Finally, here are some screenshots for your viewing pleasure:
Screenshots of GnucashMobile
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Bring on the comments

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just installed it and tried adding a income: 1.100,00€ turned 110.000,00€. In Edit Transaction it displays 1.100,00€ but in accounts etc. it shows 110.000,00€

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  4. Delene says:

    Hi. How to delete an account at this version? I love Gnucash.PC and now, we have Gnucash.Smart. Thank you. Do you want the portuguese translation? Around december I can help.

    • Ngewi Fet says:

      Long-press the account and the context menu will pop up. Maybe I need to consider making this more visible, seeing as you’re the second person to ask.
      I would indeed love to get your help with the portuguese translation. All you need to do is translate the file in GnucashMobile/res/values/strings.xml and send to me. The respository is here:

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  8. Wiz_KeeD says:

    What about the category of the expense?

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