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Android Contact Picker version 2.0 released

Posted on Friday, July 13, 2012 in Coding

The Android Contact Picker library has been updated to version 2.0. The bump in the major version number is because this new version introduces a API-breaking change in the library. Now, in addition to getting the contact’s number in the callback, you also get the contact’s name. This will enable many scenarios where a developer might want to display the name alongside the number.

If you are using the library by calling startActivityForResult(), nothing changes for you. You can update if you wish to, and get the user name if you want it. But this update will not affect you in any way and your programs will work as is.

If however, you are using the library through sub-classing, then after upgrading, you need to update the OnContactSelectedListener.onContactNumberSelected(String,String) method signature wherever it is implemented in your application. There is a new parameter for the name of the contact selected.

These changes are courtesy of Avi Hayun who I am pleased to announce is now actively contributing to the project.

We hope you enjoy this new release.


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