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Gnucash for Android Dev Update

Posted on Saturday, June 30, 2012 in Coding

So the GSOC mid-term evaluations are coming up and the Gnucash for Android app is tugging along nicely.

I recently pushed commits to GitHub which

  • Enhances automated testing with Robotium
  • Adds preliminary support for exporting the accounts in the Open Financial eXchange (OFX) format.
  • Includes numerous bug fixes

Feel free to clone and try it out, but beware, the code is still under active development and things are subject to dramatic changes. So it is not recommended for use in production (whatever that means for you :).

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Bring on the comments

  1. Thomas says:

    Hi, nice project! I use gnucash, would love to check this out. However, im NO android dev, and get several classes with errors in eclipse. (one is fragmentmanager).

    • Ngewi Fet says:

      Sorry about that. I need to still add a README with instructions.
      Basically, you also need to import the ActionBarSherlock project.
      Gnucash uses this library and eclipse will complain if it does not find it. If you want to run the tests, you also need to import the test project.
      So in summary, all the projects in the Gnucash folder should be imported into eclipse.

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