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Android Contact PIcker v1.1 released

Posted on Friday, February 24, 2012 in Coding

A few days ago I pushed an update to the Android Contact Picker library on GitHub which has today been officially tagged in git as version 1.1. This update brings with it some changes to the way the library is used, hopefully making it simpler and easier to consume.

Previously, the library was built in a way which required you to subclass the ContactsPickerActivity and then get notified when a user selected a contact number. This worked well for tabbed applications which require a dedicated contacts tab, and for such applications, this is still the recommended way to use the library.

However, for the many more applications which just need to call an activity to get a contact number in return, it is now easy to do so. All that is required is to start the ContactsPickerActivity for a result and wait to get notified when the activity finishes. An example of this usage can be found in the documentation.

This is now the default way to use the library. The contacts picker activity finishes when the contact number has been selected, and if this were in a tab activity, the whole application will close. This is the reason why subclassing is still the best route for applications which have a dedicated contacts list tab.

Thanks to Avi Hayun for feedback. Keep it coming!

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