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Is the web ready for the Instant Web?

Posted on Friday, December 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

It popularly started with the Google Instant unveiling. Then came YouTube Instant, Bing Instant and then Instant came to Chrome.

When Chrome Instant is activated in the about:plugins page, Chrome instantly loads previews of Google search results (or loads the web site) for whatever you type in the omnibox. But the interesting thing is that this does not only work for Google, but for any other search engine which is installed on Google Chrome: that means Bing, Yahoo and any other site where you have used a search box. This undoubtedly speeds up your web browsing experience.

The problem comes when the websites which have to deal with this amount of traffic are not prepared for it. Worse still, the web server thinks you are trying to perform a Denial of Service attack and bans you. Google reportedly noticed about 5 to 7 times more results pages fetched for a simple query. That’s a great increase in the amount of traffic.

Consider this page I saw when using Chrome instant on a language site:


It basically says I’m pushing my luck with the number requests per given time. But I was just doing a simple query and the server stopped me. Now Chrome instant is not turned on by default and Chrome still has a relatively small portion of overall browser market share. But imagine if other browsers implemented this instant functionality and turned it on by default for the various search engines.

Would the web as we know it be ready to handle an instant web!? Merry Christmas interwebs!!

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